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COVID-19 - National lockdown from the 5th November until 2nd December

National lockdown will commence on the 5th of November and, at present, set to end on the 2nd of December but this team is happy to assist the residents for as long as required.


The following residents are willing to help and support residents of Spaldington Village:

  • Ellie Ashton – 07709 301979
  • Ross Ashton – 07570 955655
  • Elaine Ward – 07484 687012
  • Kath Westin – 07857 602503

The following live on Main Street

  • Gill Hall – 07776 427777
  • James Hall – 07412 995900
  • Dean and Jackie Murphy – 07860 482089


We will be able to:

  • Collect prescriptions or medicines
  • Weekly essentials run for items such as toilet rolls, antibacterial products, long life food items, milk etc
  • Shopping for families in isolation
  • Cooked meals for families in isolation or are ill


A lot of the local businesses in Howden are offering help by having a delivery service, they are promoting services on the Facebook group called ‘Howden Community Board’. If you are not an internet user then please contact one us to have a look for you.


East Riding have set up a ‘Community Response Hub’, contact details are:

01482 393919


There is a group of volunteers called ‘Howden Helpers’ who can help with shopping, general support or for prescription deliveries. Contact details are:

07394 912886, 07547 330136 or 07907 871264

Dedicated phoneline for NHS and emergency staff (help with shopping etc.):

07547 330071


COVID Briefing - September 2020

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 - Letter from Councillor Richard Burton

Stay home if awaiting a test result

Stay home if test is positive

Stay home if you have symptoms