Spaldington Parish Council the heart of East Yorkshire, for the benefit of the Community...

You are very welcome to the wonderful Parish of Spaldington, in the heart of East Yorkshire.  

Please have a look at the history of the village and the Parish Council information. You will find lots of helpful sources of information as well as how to find us.

The Parish is also on Facebook - just search Spaldington Parish!  There is lots of local attractions and news of local activities.  Enjoy!


News and pictures of what is happening to the old Parish phone box


As the community will know, the Council took the decision to have the old phone box renovated and refurbished to restore it to it's former glory.  The phone box has been sent away for a full sandblasting process as well as much needed repair and  repainting.  Once it fully restored, the Council will invite the community to submit ideas of what to do with the phone box.

For photos on the renovation process, please click HERE


The new defibrillator in the Parish

The Council after reviewing the old defib machine in the Parish, found that it was beyond use as it not been maintained unfortunately.  As the defib machine may be crucial to saving a life in the community, the Council took the decision to enter into a new leasing arrangement with Defib Ltd.  This new defib machine has been fitted and is ready to use in an emergency - the code of the secure box it sits in is known by the Councillors but crucially by the emergency service in the event of a 999 call.

The defib is near the noticeboard in Main Street, Spaldington.

Whilst training is not needed in an emergency situation as the defib machine gives instructions, our suppliers have provided an overview of how it works if any member of the community wishes to review it in action.  The link is:


Long term Strategy for Grant applications - Report by Cllr. Murphy.

Please find further details in the Parish Council New / News.



This website has been created to enable Spaldington Parish Council to comply with the requirements of the Government's Transparency Code. However, since a number of residents are not internet-connected and broadband speed in much of the parish is limited, information will continue to be placed on the Parish noticeboard.