Spaldington Parish Council the heart of East Yorkshire, for the benefit of the Community...

You are very welcome to the wonderful Parish of Spaldington, in the heart of East Yorkshire.  

Please have a look at the history of the village and the Parish Council information. You will find lots of helpful sources of information as well as how to find us.

The Parish Council is also on Facebook and has it's own page - just search Spaldington Parish Council !  There is lots of local attractions and news of local activities.  Enjoy!


Use of salt in the salt bins in the Parish

The Parish Council does wish to ensure all the community is aware that they are more than welcome to use the salt grit in the salt bins and the Parish Council will ensure these are kept full.  But the Parish Council does wish to make the Community aware that anyone uses the salt grit does so at their own risk and responsibility.

Thank you.  19 January 2022.


Return of the face to face Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council wishes to make the community aware that the rescheduled Parish Council Meeting will now be held on Wednesday 19 January 2022 at 7.30pm.  Please see the Notice and Agenda for more details.


Return of the face to face meetings

MEETING CANCELLED DUE TO ILL HEALTH - It will be rearrange in due course 

The Parish Council wish to update the community that the meeting on the 06 December 2021 will be a face to face meeting.  Due to the expiry of the Clerk's Schedule of Delegated Authority, and the statutory requirement of the Full Parish Council Meetings to be in person, the meeting will take at the Fir Tree Centre in Spaldington on Monday, 06 December 2021 at 7.30pm.  Please can the community note that due to continual Covid safety requirements, there will be limited space for the members of the public and it will be on a first come served basis.


Christmas celebrations in Spaldington

Contrary to some reports from a local organisation, the Parish Council wish to state that they will be organising some Christmas celebrations with the support of members of the local community and local companies, such as Salko of whom have been major contributors to the Christmas celebrations in recent years..  While some regular contributors have decided to cease their Christmas contributions and support because of the actions of some members of the Spaldington CIC,  there still will be plenty of Christmas celebrations throughout the village.  Should any members of the community wish to help or support the Christmas celebrations, the Parish Council would welcome their support.


Autumn Coming Out of Covid Fete

The Parish Council are very pleased to announce that the Parish Council has been successful in it's bid for grant funding to allow the Council to hold a Autumn Fete.  

The date is SUNDAY 17 OCTOBER 2021 from 1pm at Main Street, Spaldington.  All the community is welcome to come and join the celebration of the village and enjoy the local community coming together!


Report of work agreed in the Village with Parish Liaison Team from East Riding Yorkshire Council

The Council is very pleased to report that following the expect work from Cllr Westin, the ERYC have agreed a schedule of work in the village of Spaldington.

The two reports are below:

SPC GM Schedule

SPC Taskforce Schedule

The work will commence shortly and will be arranged as appropriate.


Harassment of the Council by a minority of the community 

The Council has unfortunately found itself the victim of an attempt of having their reputation besmirched through at attempt at falsehoods and accusations being spread by a very small minority of the community.

Despite the minority being asked to stop their harassment of the Councillors and the Clerk and providing no evidence, they have continued which has resulted in the Council having no choice but to report these people to the Police for harassment as well as involving the Council's Solicitors which has unfortunately resulted in the use of Council funds. The Council take unfounded and unwarranted harassment of it's members and staff seriously and while they will always encourage healthy debate, and will welcome tough questions, they will not accept harassing actions by a minority.

The Council represent all the Community and will strive to serve their needs - the vast majority of the community support the Council and respect the hard work of the Councillors. Everyone is entitled to their views - no one is entitled to harass Councillors and the Clerk. The Council will always stand up to people they consider are attempting to bully both the Councillors and the community.

As we have been made aware the minority are continuing making unfounded and incorrect statements about the Council, the Council have taken the unusual step of publishing the letter our Solicitors have sent to the individuals making the statements (this has been redacted). This to is to ensure that the vast majority of the Community are fully aware of the legal opinion on the actions of the minority. 

For the vast majority of the community - we sincerely thank you for your support. To the minority - we will stand up to your bullying actions and for what is right for the community.


Schedule of Delegated Authority to the Clerk

The Council wishes to ensure the Community are aware that following the Government and the Courts decision not to allow the continued remote Full Parish Council Meetings by a remote means after 07 May 2021, the Council faced a judgement call as any future Full Council Meetings would need to be face to face.   The Councillors felt that it was not safe enough in their judgement to meet in person and thus as of 03 May 2021 delegated their authority (as per permitted under Local Government Act 1972 Section 101) to the Proper Officer of the Council (who is the Clerk) to start on the 07 May 2021.

There are a few areas where the Council cannot delegate their authority including agreeing the Precept and Budget, hire or fire officers or employees and some statutory powers - but the general operations, including authorising payments, supporting (or not) planning permissions,  agreeing Meetings, persons representing the Council (not including Councillors) etc are included.

The Scheme of Delegated Authority will last for a period of six months or until the Council meet face to face and pass a motion to suspend the delegated authority.

The Proper Officer has committed to a process where he will seek the advice of the Councillors before making decisions as to ensure any decisions that are made are representative of the Council.  But the final decision under this delegated authority will be with the Clerk.

There will be Clerk Advisory Meetings on the first Monday of every month (the same as the pattern of Full Parish Council Meetings) and all members of the public will be invited to both ask questions of the Council with the Chair moderating (in the same format as the Full Parish Council Meetings).

The Council feel that on the vast amount of areas, the Community will not notice any difference in Council operations but wanted to ensure the Community was aware.


News and pictures of what is happening to the old Parish phone box


As the community will know, the Council took the decision to have the old phone box renovated and refurbished to restore it to it's former glory.  The phone box has been sent away for a full sandblasting process as well as much needed repair and  repainting.  Once it fully restored, the Council will invite the community to submit ideas of what to do with the phone box.

For photos on the renovation process, please click HERE


The new defibrillator in the Parish

The Council after reviewing the old defib machine in the Parish, found that it was beyond use as it not been maintained unfortunately.  As the defib machine may be crucial to saving a life in the community, the Council took the decision to enter into a new leasing arrangement with Defib Ltd.  This new defib machine has been fitted and is ready to use in an emergency - the code of the secure box it sits in is known by the Councillors but crucially by the emergency service in the event of a 999 call.

The defib is near the noticeboard in Main Street, Spaldington.

Whilst training is not needed in an emergency situation as the defib machine gives instructions, our suppliers have provided an overview of how it works if any member of the community wishes to review it in action.  The link is:


Long term Strategy for Grant applications - Report by Cllr. Murphy.

Please find further details in the Parish Council New / News.



This website has been created to enable Spaldington Parish Council to comply with the requirements of the Government's Transparency Code. However, since a number of residents are not internet-connected and broadband speed in much of the parish is limited, information will continue to be placed on the Parish noticeboard.